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    "SAGAWAFUJII is a brand that shares the time with human beings"

      "SAGAWAFUJII is a pure Korean domestic house-brand that makes glasses frames from basic materials made from wood, which was first introduced in Korea in 2006 after getting a motif from a small workshop in Japan in 2003. Designed with the uniqueness of wooden glasses frames and wooden watches and oriental sensibility, it protects SAGAWAFUJII's own stubbornness with unique lines and materials that cannot be seen anywhere else.
      "Under the insistence that the entire production process of SAGAWAFUJII is crafted by hand, the temples (legs) of the glasses use pure wood (high-hardness hardwood only), and the color naturally ages after a long time. The color and texture change with different feelings depending on the feeling of use of the product, but the unique nature of the wood is conveyed."
      SAGAWAFUJII glasses brand was launched in Korea in 2006 after getting a motif from a small leather workshop in Japan. The brand name was taken from a leather workshop run by two surnames, 'SAGAWA' and 'FUJII'. Ichikawa Takahide, who worked as a designer in the early days of SAGAWAFUJII, was a designer working in a leather workshop above, While observing the changes in texture and color according to the feeling of use of leather, the color, texture, and customer satisfaction of used leather are higher than that of new leather With this idea, we applied the so-called use of old leather, which has many scratches and feels used, to the product.

      CEO Kim Dae-il, who was studying in Japan at the time, applied this to ACETATE, a common horn-rimmed glasses material, SAGAWAFUJII glasses frame's unique 'WOODENTEXTURE' brushing post-processing method was born. By incorporating pure wooden legs into the wood-textured horn frame material, the current SAGAWAFUJII glasses frame was made, based on this, we returned to Korea in 2006 and launched the SAGAWAFUJII brand.

      Although it is misunderstood as a Japanese brand due to the brand name, the SAGAWAFUJII brand is a pure Korean domestic house-brand, SAGAWAFUJII's stubborn identity and craftsmanship, which he has kept so far, will continue to be maintained, We will remain consistent with our customers.
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      "SAGAWAFUJII wants to make products that share the years and memories with our customers. We promise to keep the faith for long."
Meticulously handcrafted wooden eyeglasses, each made with care from carefully selected high-quality wood. Wood, the material closest to human beings. We aim to share the passage of time and memories without being influenced by trends, age, or time. Introduced in 2006 as a house brand that initially used wood as its primary material. Utilizing experience gained from working with wooden furniture and handmade leather crafting, we applied the unique texture and feel of leather to acetate eyeglass frames, giving birth to Sagawafujii's WOODEN TEXTURE FRAME.

      Address: 2F, 13
      Seo-Oreung-ro 2-gil, Eunpyeong-gu,
      Seoul, South Korea
      TEL : 82-1661-2480

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      (Closed on weekends and public holidays)

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