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About us



SAGAWAFUJII is an eyewear brand, which primarily makes up its products with Wood.

In the year 2003, Sagawafujii began in a small workshop in Japan and was introduced in other countries in 2006.

Nature is the nearest Material to Human. Sagawafujii's wooden eyewear, entirely handcraft, comes from that Nature to keep company with human for lifetime.

Wooden frames designed with the uniqueness and Oriental sensitivities, that can not be seen anywhere else, is what SAGAWAFUJII is keeping on.

Unlike usual eyewear stores, that sells all kinds of eyewear brands, Sagawafujii’s Flagship stores deal with Sagawafujii only, and are drawing many unique customers.

Brand Story

Sagawafujii was started in a small leather workshop in 2003.

The name Sagawafujii derived from two surnames, Sagawa and Fujii.

Ichikawa takahide was a designer who worked under Zoku and Sagawafujii workshops, dealing with wooden furniture and leather products.

Once he realized that used leather products were more attractive to the customers and began to produce used-look items by the requests of customers.

He happened to collaborate with a glasses workshop. And that moment he applied that used-look idea to glasses frame for the first time.

Genuine wood glasses temples and wood texture acetate frame.

Sagawafujii eyewear was born in that way.